General Questions

Q15. What makes competency assessment valid?

Defining the competency as your organisation defines it - not a cookie cutter model, designing the assessment with scenarios relevant to your organisation and independent assessment. By engaging content matter experts in the development of your critical performance competencies, we add reliability and relevance to your competency testing. Reliability depends primarily on the quality of the competency assessment construction and our expertise combined with your knowledge of your organisation create that quality.

Q13. Why is customising or personalising assessments important?

Cookie cutter assessments generally use their definition of a competency and non-specific scenarios which may have no relevance to your business. That does not provide valid, reliable competency measurement for performance in your role, in your organisation. If you want validity and reliability and a defensible solution, you need a customised assessment.

Q10. How can competencies or skills be measured?

Competencies can be measured by providing a scenario relevant to your business and offering the person taking the test several options for actions they would take in that situation. Their selection of specific options allows you to measure their ability in a manner relevant to how you define a competency, how you want them to behave. This makes the competency evaluation valid for a role within your organisation and can provide for example, a defensible reason for selection.

Q9. How can competency measurement or feedback help business performance?

It’s all about defining what success looks like, what you need to do to get there, how your staff have to perform and what competencies or skills they need to meet those individual targets and organisational goals. You can’t manage what you don’t measure and CareerDynamix can help you measure.